Saying goodbye to an old friend

Kipley joined our family when she was six months old…the result of a college student who made several poor decisions about housing and who was forced to rehome this sweetie. She’s a registered Boston Terrier and we didn’t even have to think twice about it. She had blue eyes and a long tail…something we had never seen in other Bostons. That was twelve years ago. On June 7, 2021, she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I miss her terribly.

About six months ago, we noticed that “Kipper” seemed to lose interest in chasing her tennis ball, something she was absolutely fanatical about and if we were holding her ball, it became her solitary focus and obsession. Other dogs, people, loud noises, or traffic could never distract her laser-like attention to the fuzzy (and usually dirty) yellow ball.

Then we noticed that she was becoming a little weak in her hind legs and it began progressing at an alarming pace. The veterinarian tried an injection for arthritis, hoping it might ease the pain enough to help her mobility. One day while squatting to do her business, she lost all use of her hind legs and plopped right down into a fresh pile of it.

Eventually, she was unable to go up or down the two steps from our back door to the patio. A phone call to the vet resulted in a discussion that she would soon loose control of her bowels and bladder, something we knew would be humiliating and terrifying to our beloved blue-eyed Boston.

They had a lovely soft blanket draped over the cold stainless steel exam table at the vet’s office. I told my wife before she left for work that I didn’t think I could stay for the procedure, but the technician explained that Kipley would be given three injections and it would take fifteen minutes or so for the first one (a sedative), to make her comfortable. Something just would not let me leave my sweet friend on that table in the hands of someone else.

I hope you enjoy the photographs below…a few snapshots of our dear, dear friend and my favorite camping buddy, Kipley.

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Hey, y’all…

About three years ago I began thinking…”I‘m getting too old for this…wish I could just retire, buy a small camper, travel wherever I want whenever I feel like it without explaining myself to anybody. I just turned 63, and with my family history, I may not have that many good years left, so I’m taking the plunge now.

About twenty years ago, I started blogging for the first time and became quite the prolific blogger, a legend in my own mind, waxing eloquently on a wide variety of subjects. Now I have a lot more to say, but my eloquence is probably a little bit rough.

Why this? Why now?

  • My far right friends tell me that living overseas for five years has made me a “liberal” and, with that label quickly spreading through the grapevine, I virtually lost ALL of my former ministry friends and colleagues as a result. Instead of becoming liberal, in my mind, I became liberated or “gratefully disillusioned” to use a phrase coined by a friend. As a result, I have a lot more to say about a much wider universe of topics…including some things that would have been taboo in my previous circle of friends.
  • I often travel around in my Chevy truck, pulling a small travel trailer, and I plan to write about some things that would have gotten me kicked out of the right-wingers club. I’ve decided to start a new club.
  • I have reached the age where I really don’t care about someone else’s opinion of me. Now it’s not about fitting in, it’s about sharing stories, travelogues, photographs, people, family history, relationships, and reviews about interesting things and places.

You are welcome to join me in my journeys! Welcome to The Thin Edge!

For our friends who are visually impaired or who prefer listening to an audio podcast while doing something else, here’s a link below to my podcast of this episode.–yall-e16gar0